7th Al, Al Bahreen, Bahreen, El, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate

Tel: 00201212475552 -01225549751 Email: info@mohamedatefstudios.com

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we are the squad that brings you the most amazing wedding photography and cinematography experience 




We Provide a Wide Array of Photography Services Guaranteed to Meet Your Needs


We Provide a Wide Array of Cinematography Services Guaranteed to Meet Your Needs


We Provide a Wide Array of Videography Services Guaranteed to Meet Your Needs


We are a team of photographers dedicated to ensuring your wedding experience is as seamless as possible. With various strengths, we have created a balanced system where everyone can do what they are best at.

Mohamed Atef

Our trusted classy leader always finishes the day with a smile!

Experienced enough to ease  even the most stressful moments and turn them into everlasting memories. Looking for a creative, professional

photographer ? Bingo! maybe a little crazy in 

a good way !

Farah Moustafa

Ambitious and soft-spoken, Farah lives and breathes photography. She finds inspiration in the people she meets and the art that surrounds her. When she’s not shooting, she’s probably petting a cat.

Yehia Ahmed

He is a dreamer who genuinely loves what he does. As a photographer, Yehia loves being able to encounter different situations and conquere any challenges. He is also really, really funny. Be prepared to laugh with him!


Mariam Ebrahim

outstanding team , very professional and creative , good time management during the day 👌
thankk uu so muchh atef, saber, farah and all of your team for your great effort, u were friendly, descent and patient❤❤❤❤❤

would definitely recommend them .

Dina Maged

As i was the first bride in Jan 2019 you are the One of the best photographers ever :) I am glad and lucky enough to have you and your team photographing my wedding, photo session � one of the most things i liked about you is the spirit you have and respecting the time , you are very accurate and humble and I appreciate that also you've been a very nice person to our family and friends which tells a lot about your lovable character�
Plus your team are incredible and decent
Saber made my husband calm and he was very friendly . I really recommend any bride to make her photo session with you and your lovely team ❤️all of you are really professional 👍🏻thanks for making my day

Farah Taher

Mohamed and the whole entire team were absolutely amazing!!! They arrived on time, extremely friendly they took beautiful photos and moments. They made an AMAZING VIDEO everything about my wedding day was perfect thanks to this Talented them! I Highly recommend Him .Thank You so much for Making my day look perfect BEST OF LUCK 😊